Travel cancellation insurance: no paperwork, no long waits

For many reasons we make international trips. The most common reasons are work, business, vacations, family visits, etc., sometimes we plan them and sometimes they just take us by surprise. Before and during this process, many mishaps can occur that interrupt our journey and that is where we lose patience because we do not know what the process is to obtain a prompt solution. The purchase of travel cancellation insurance plays a very important role.

Has it happened to you that you should cancel your trip because you cannot travel or left your job without completing it because you must return home for some reason?

When you make a trip on your own there are many causes that cause this problem. They are facts that no matter how much you plan ahead your trip, they can happen frequently and that many people in the world have happened to them. Some of these reasons are:

  • Serious illness or death.
  • Complications in pregnancy.
  • Dismiss.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Surgical intervention.
  • Labor incorporation.
  • Presentation to oppositions.
  • Travel cancellation by the companion.
  • No visa grant.
  • Police retention.

On the other hand, when you hire a vacation plan with  a travel agency you can also have mishaps. Although they always propose plans, discounts, insurance and everything seems to be under control, it does not mean they are exempt from last minute cancellations. Perhaps the hotel company with which they had contracted the lodging, a problem arises and they cannot receive your visit or the airline with which they negotiated the tickets cannot make the flights effective on the day or the indicated time.

For this reason, in this article we want you to know that in addition to being calm with travel cancellation insurance, you must know the regulations that govern these companies so that you can make the request for compensation for the damages that they caused you.

In all Latin American governments there are entities that regulate tourism companies, and have a regulation that stipulates the rights and duties that these companies must fulfill, therefore, you are not alone.

Travel cancellation insurance: no paperwork, no long waits

For example in Venezuela there is the Organic Tourism Law . There you can consult chapter 2 and learn about all the requirements that a registered and authorized company must fulfill to carry out its tourist activity in the country.

Why your trip can be canceled?

Your trip can also be canceled by the airline  with which you have decided to travel. On many occasions they present excuses for delays, interruption of connecting flights, cancellation, oversold, anticipation of the flight. You should know if any of these cases occur to you, you have every right to file a claim for the service.

The procedure can be done inside the airport with the same airline, but if you see that the event was serious, you can go to the entities specialized in enforcing the regulations of these companies in your country.

The National Institute of Civil Aviation of Venezuela provides a document that highlights the duties and rights that the passenger has when an airline fails to comply with its commitments. The file also contains recommendations to avoid problems before and during your trip, in addition to having the contacts where you can make your claims.

Remember that an informed passenger can actively assert their benefits as a consumer. A study conducted by the Argentine Association of Tourism Law  (AADETUR), the University of La Plata and the University of Barcelona revealed that of 100 judicial sentences analyzed between 2006 and 2010, 62% of the lawsuits were filed by passengers understood in Law.

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