Tips to have flight insurance

When we go on vacation, what we least expect is that some unforeseen event arises, however, a safe trip is planned by acquiring flight insurance that allows covering certain situations that may arise when traveling abroad.

The problems at the airports are common day by day, and more in high season, when the airlines are at their peak of activity, However, if you have any incident, discover how to act on these occasions.

If you are harmed by canceling a flight or delays both nationally and internationally, you have the right to choose:

The airline is obliged to relocate the user on a new flight (without extra charge), if there is a delay due to meteorological issues; The person decides to refuse this offer, he must bear the costs that a change of ticket can bring.

“The only case where the airline must respond financially is when the user has already initiated the transport contract, that is, if it was relocated in a connection but there was another prolonged delay at the intermediate point. Of rest, if the user wants to travel in a specific flight and we have the quota, there is no problem ”.

When the delay is greater than four hours and less than six, in addition to the above, the passenger must be provided with food (breakfast, lunch or lunch, depending on the time)

In Protect your trip you will always find a suitable travel insurance for you:

Tips to have flight insurance

Health insurance

When a serious illness or injury is suffered and has been evacuated to another provider, a round-trip ticket is paid in economy class for a family member for a short time.

Baggage insurance

It is one of the main problems that arise today. If during the course of your trip, and during the validity of your travel assistance plan, you lose luggage on a regular airline, Europ Assistance undertakes to carry out the necessary procedures before the airline in order to locate the lost luggage.

Dental insurance

You will enjoy the benefits of urgent dental care as a result of unexpected conditions, such as: trauma, infection, pain or inflammation that may occur during your trip.

Trip Cancellation

Your trip can be canceled for many reasons, but two of those that include third parties are: cancellation by travel agency or airline. Travel cancellation insurance will cover the costs of cancellation of a trip paid by the beneficiary, in addition to guaranteeing the user the reimbursement of the expenses caused by the cancellation of the trip.

Transfers and expenses of a relative

If contemplated in the contracted plan and before the hospitalization of an assistance holder for more than eight days, traveling without a companion, Europ Assistance will take care of the round trip air ticket of a family member.

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