Options in business tourism

Business tourism, that is, dedicated to the organization of congresses, fairs and conventions, is one of the gold mines of the labor market as it becomes a sector with intense and continuous growth. And it is that every year the Spanish tourism industry, one of the main economic bastions of the country, finds new branches within the sector that predict more than excellent business prospects.

The organization expert must plan and manage the events that are entrusted to him, taking into account the type of meeting that is intended to be achieved, if they are private, official acts, their characteristics, how it will be planned, how it will give with original ideas, the way in which which will carry out the work agendas, the deal with the media, the reservation of hotels and the necessary transportation, the hiring of suppliers, hostesses, security services, recreational activities, the delivery of documentation, participation techniques …

But organizing events of these characteristics requires a qualification: it is not enough to showcase knowledge of protocol and languages, especially if the congress or the fair has an international character, much more is needed.

Although there are still few training centers focused on this area, what is certain is that there are many more numerous students. Most of them come from the world of advertising, tourism and journalism. They have in common not only communication and organization skills, a good level of English or other languages, but also a curriculum where specialization is the key.

Options in business tourism

Agreements with leading companies

Globalia, one of the largest tourist groups in Spain constituted by companies such as Air Europa, Halcón Viajes, Viajes Ecuador, Travelplan or Pepe Car, and the Camilo José Cela University have joined forces to form the Juan José Hidalgo Institute of Aeronautical and Tourism Studies (IEAT JJH). His academic offer has a three-year degree in Tourism. Among his professional outings, as they stand out, is the one related to the organization of fairs and conventions.

The European University of Madrid (UEM) has also turned to the sector with a postgraduate in Tourism Management of Congresses, Conventions and Companies, which has collaboration agreements with the Association of Professional Organizers of Congresses Madrid-Center.

Another of the alternatives is that Formatik offers, with the course of university expert in Organization of Congresses and Public Acts. Thanks to this program, university graduates and graduates are trained to organize these types of events both nationally and internationally, showing them the strategies to do so and the skills that are necessary in a sector like this.

Bet on the postgraduate

For its part, the Spanish Center for New Professions (CENP) has an event organization course. The program is divided into subjects such as those dedicated to financing, the management of congresses, conventions, seminars, meetings, fairs, exhibitions and macro events, the development of the action plan, the supervision and commissioning, the protocol, the relationship with the media, checking the degree of compliance with the objectives set and strategies to optimize the results.

The course of the Spanish Center for New Professions is aimed at graduates in Tourism or graduates in Advertising and Public Relations, professionals of the sector and all those who want to direct their future work towards the world of event organization.

But the organization of events is also presented as a master, as proposed by the School of Tourism of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. From their website they point out that event management «is a unique economic activity in our country, immersed in a stage of great growth». The program has the presence of experts and specialists of great prestige at national and international level.

Classes are taught in Spanish, with the exception of the first module, which will be held in English. Regarding the modality of the sessions, it should be noted that those of a face-to-face nature are combined with online education. The program includes a significant number of visits to institutions, companies and events of considerable importance for the training of participants.

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