5 allies of an executive on a business trip

Effective planning is necessary to achieve a successful itinerary, and the first occasions are vital to develop skills in subsequent trips.

Every day, thousands of executives travel the world, looking for business opportunities. They are people who, whether they work independently or as part of a company, need to plan each trip in the most efficient way, as this can make a difference in the results they seek to obtain.

Business tourism is so important that, for example, it was the third reason why Mexico City was visited last year, which indicates that being such a relevant sector, there are more and more tools that can contribute to making Every trip, the best experience.

Effective planning is necessary to achieve a successful itinerary, and the first occasions are vital to develop skills on subsequent trips.

Traveling involves organizing an itinerary that inspires confidence that everything is under control, so you can focus on the main objective: your business objectives. You need to plan from lodging to food, and of course the work tools, specifically those that allow you to be connected at all times and remotely to achieve maximum efficiency.

For this, here are five allies that will help you on your next business trip and that could even leave you time to enjoy the destination in open spaces:

Detail of expenses

It is elementary. In addition to granting credibility to you and your company, it will help you have an order of what you disbursed. It is best to bring a detail that allows you to visualize what was spent, for this there are several mobile applications where you can register each transaction.

Try using only one form of payment for everything. There are plastics for corporate expenses that work very efficiently and that help both you and your company have control of what was spent, almost in real time. Also find out before paying, if they issue an invoice and how it is requested, it is easier if you immediately receive them in your email.


Research beforehand how you will make your transfers, either from the airport or from a bus station. Review the alternatives, where they are located and what is their approximate cost; and if you can, the ideal is to book these transfers in advance. If you drive, find out the best ways to get around, as well as the time it will take you to arrive. Fortunately, you can do all this electronically.

Find out about the traffic conditions according to the schedules in which you will have your meetings, because punctuality is essential. Do not trust the calculation you do at night, remember that peak hours can dramatically change the journey time. Investigating this data is as important as knowing the dress code or the specific characteristics of the region when referring to business meetings. This is of utmost relevance, since this way you will have a completely accomplished agenda at the end of the day and you will be cost-effective. Use mobile geolocation applications to make it easy to move, there are options that do not need internet in case your service does not work first.


It is not the same to be connected remotely than in a physical office, and for that you need a good device with high speed wireless internet. Smartphones can usually be used as a modem, make sure you are aware of your cell phone payments and have the right data plan for your entire itinerary. Many airlines also already offer wi-fi on their flights, which will help you work between clouds.

Lean on different devices such as a tablet, laptop or a hybrid that allows you to work and solve at all times. This is sure to be more convenient and practical instantly when you need to download a presentation, send a document or make a last minute change.

5 allies of an executive on a business trip

Payment methods

Know in depth the benefits of your payment method. The ideal is to minimize the use of cash, for control and for security. Your corporate or personal card can make a big difference in your trip, if you really take advantage of its benefits: from the concierge service that helps you plan and manage the trip, VIP lounges at airports, discounts or promotions that could be in the moment of your trip, the reward points you could get, the traveler’s insurance that you could have. Anyway, there is a wide range of possibilities that you can take advantage of if you review in detail the benefits of your payment method.

Even if unforeseen events are the last thing we think about, knowing this information can make a difference. Try to use, as far as possible, only one form of payment for everything, and have another exclusive for emergencies. This will help you have more control and better benefits.


Not everything on a business trip is strictly formal. It is worth having recreational moments that reduce the stress caused at work meetings. You can choose to spend a moment in the hotel pool, take a small tourist walk, or if the weather does not give, you can take a book and clear yourself by reading a bit.

And if organizing this topic did not have space in your previous planning, you could choose, if you have the service, to call a concierge service that is responsible for working on a suggested itinerary, according to the time you have, while you are in your meetings

And finally, another important issue: don’t forget to keep your daily exercise routine. Find the space and the ideal moment where you are, but do not forget that key moment for your health, which also generates endorphins and gives you energy

With these five allies you can achieve a successful agenda on your next business trip, you will have a better result at the end of it, and it will be easier to present all your reports. The trips are to enjoy them.

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