The benefits of traveling quietly in groups

The eleventh time came to say goodbye to the high school stage and what better way to say goodbye to that stage than to organize an excursion with classmates, through a spectacular trip to the beach, the Amazon, desert or camping in the mountains, It will surely be an indelible experience, which you can count once and a thousand times in the reunions with your classmates, your children, grandchildren and perhaps your great-great-grandchildren. Not forgetting insurance for excursions.

Insurance for excursions

To live a magical experience full of memories, it is recommended that before organizing the trip, those responsible for the activity fill out all permits such as travel insurance for excursions, accident policies, letters of parental permits, proof of belonging to an EPS, because in most cases this type of excursions are focused on a community of students whose age ranges from 15 to 17 years, who must be under the supervision and supervision of suitable adults for that purpose, which They must be endorsed by the institution.

Before embarking on the excursion, the institution must verify that all students have excursion insurance, in addition to this, civil liability insurance and accident insurance must be acquired. The first is responsible for covering the possible damages caused to third parties during the development of the activity.

On the other hand, accident excursion insurance provides peace of mind for parents and managers of the institution to guarantee medical support and assistance to students in the event of an accident.

It is also important that 24-hour medical assistance is offered within the excursion insurance, so that in case of an eventuality or accident, hikers can go to the emergency department without any setback.

Another benefit is the access to the emergency dental service to deal with unexpected conditions such as trauma, infection, pain or inflammation that may occur during the excursion to any of the members.

The benefits of traveling quietly in groups

In the market there are a variety of insurance products for excursions that in case of death or disappearance of the hiker, the insurer will pay the beneficiaries the principal insured amount, this applies to cases in which any of the hikers has disappeared in an accidental event as a result of a sinking, fall or shipwreck, while using any means of transport covered by this policy, or when it was the victim of a natural catastrophic event such as earthquake, flood or tidal wave.

Finally, all parents should check that their children are in good health, are affiliated with an EPS and have excursion insurance, which must be acquired instead of trust.

In the case of excursion insurance abroad, the conditions and rates change, so it is important to get advice and consult the benefits and cons of travel insurance abroad. But basically everyone should guarantee medical assistance in case of accident and transfer or repatriation of the body in case of deaths.

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